Wout Neirynck


Wout Neirynck

Graphic Design & Typography
Currently active in Brussels and Leuven. Contact me in Dutch, French or English. Let's get coffee.

— Education

BA - Visual Arts, Graphic Design (LUCA School Of Arts, 2015)
MA - Typography (ENSAV La Cambre, 2017)

— Experience

Intern at LAb[au] (2015)
Collaborator at P&A (2017)
Intern & Assistant at ROMA Publications (2017)
Freelance Graphic Designer at KPOT (2017)
Graphic Designer at KPOT (2018 - current)

— Other

Workshop and exhibition with StudioSpass and Large (2016)
Contributor for Harrison mag (2017)


thank you for cycling

The big amount of car traffic is one part of the current mobility problems in Brussels. This car-traffic has a lot of negative effects on local health, the environment and the usage of the limited space in the city. We would be much better off, if we change from car traffic to bike-traffic.
This poster shows us a hypothetical infographic, about how we have to change different aspects in order to change from a very negative traffic system in the city, to a utopic city where no car traffic is needed. Every commute is done by walking, by bike or by public transport. There is no air pollution, people are healthy, local economy is doing well, a green city.